Get your car taken care of with 0% effort

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Fully automated door-to-door car services

We help you utilize your time , by cutting down the time you usually waste driving for a service station to 0. By delivering your car to your preferred service provider on your behalf through our mobile app.

Let your car stay in shape

We know how precious your car is to you, that's why through our platform you will be able to keep it in good working order effortlessly.

Be productive or simply relax

While our driver is taking care of your car delivering it to your preferred service station, Use your time to focus on your work or simply sit back and relax.

Keep track of your order

Don't stress , you will be updated with each step and service that gets done to your car. Using the app has never been easier. Get real time updates of order and car status from the comfort of your couch.






Pickup & Drop off



All your needs in one place. Complete platform for car owners , providers and delivery drivers

Whether you are a car owner who want's his car to get serviced , or a driver who want to earn an extra income in delivery or even if you are a provider who provide 1st class services and want to enroll in our patform. Pocketcarage can incubate all of you in well organized and fully automated process to reduce the overhead that happens due to manually managing the process.

  • Customer app to complement all your service needs on demand with 0 time waste.
  • Driver's app to deliver 100% safe and reliable delivery journey for the driver and the customer
  • Provider's app to reduce the distance and blockers between app users and service stations
  • Highly skilled and trained operation team to ensure that everything runs as smooth as possible

Delivering your car on your behalf

What makes our process different is that we aim to eliminate 100% of the time that is usually consumed by you in servicing your car.

We have our own fleet of trained and skilled Omani drivers that are under your command to drive your car on your behalf to your chosen service provider. These driver will not only be serving you with delivery but also with monitoring your car in the provider's shop and keeping you updated in real-time of the status.

Because we believe that car care exceeds the boundries of getting the service done. We prepare workshops for our drivers so they can provide you with the necessary help you need in the small things that doesn't require your car to be transported to a service station.

Ordering process

The ordering process is too easy. In few steps you will get your car serviced.

  • After creating an account in the application you will add your cars to the virtual garage
  • Select what service you would like for your car i.e: Washing or maintenance
  • Select what car you want to service , pickup date , time and location and add any comments
  • Pay online and you are all set to go. A driver will show up at your location to deliver your car

After placing an order you will be able to track your order status in the orders page to find where your car is and what is the driver status.

Any updates will be received in real-time with notifications in the app and our operation team will be following with the driver to keep you updated for any services that are required that you didn't order.


Our Great Team

Osama Alshibani

Chief Executive Officer

Suhail Alajmi

Chief Financial Officer & Marketing manager

Rumaitha Al-mairki

Business development manager

Bassem latrech

Mechanical engineer


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will i pay ?

    Payments are in two sections there is Pocketcarage service fee wich vary between 1.2 OMR and 6 OMR depeneding on what car service you ordered. And the other section is the provider fee which is the amount that the service you order for example maintenance or washing and that is set by the providers themselves.

  • Ordering is easy. After creating an account you just follow these steps :

    • 1- Add a car to your virtual garage
    • 2- Select a service you want to order for your car like washing , maintenance , consultation or computer diagnostic
    • 3- Select what car you will be servicing with the chosen service
    • 4- Select a your preferred service provider
    • 5- Fill in the order details like : Pickup time , location , oil type if applicabale , comments ... etc.
    • 6- Review your order and pay online using local or foreign cards
    • 7- Keep track of the order status in the orders screen and you will be updated with any changes that occur.

  • Drivers are well trained and highly motivated Omanis that are looking to help you get rid of the headache of driving all the way to the service station.

  • With Pocketcarage you don't have to worry about accidents as our drivers are monitored and well trained before we hire them. And in case of accidents your car will be fixed in the dealership and you will be provided a spare car to use while your car is being fixed in addition you will receive compensation in form of free service and transportation.

  • If your preferred provider is not listed then it means that they are not enrolled with us yet. You can add a comment stating the name of the provider you would like us to deliver your car to. In addition you can call the provider and book an appointment for your car. Another good approach is to suggest us to the provider or suggest the provider to us and we might be able to enroll it in our platform so you can select them the next time you order.


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